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Antoinette Brown


I'm Antoinette, the creative force at The Queens Pictures . My expertise covers portrait photography, where I excel in capturing the essence of families, students, and the uniqueness of real estate. With years of experience, I've perfected my skills for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring every session is a delightful experience. As a dedicated nature enthusiast and someone deeply attuned to the intricacies of relationships, I appreciate the value of preserving fleeting moments that define life's journey. In addition to portrait work, I also specialize as an events ,still photographer and digital retouch while capturing the essence of important occasions. My expertise spans age groups from pre-K to college, making each photoshoot a treasured memory.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

There's a distinct delight in capturing the infectious smiles of young children in preschool settings. My extensive experience working with kids for portraits and school photography has honed my ability to connect with them. Personal interactions with kids in my social circle have further deepened my appreciation for their genuine expressions and boundless curiosity. This is what fuels my passion for photographing kids – the chance to freeze those candid moments and create cherished memories.

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