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Claudia Zirk

Chula Vista, CA USA

I am children's photographer in San Diego, California. I have always loved photography and since my own kids were born I realized the importance of making and keeping memories that will last a lifetime. Mastering children's portrait photography involves more than just a camera. It requires an understanding of how to engage with children, creating a fun and comfortable environment that allows their true spirit to shine through. The key to genuine expressions lies in how comfortable and engaged the child feels during the session. Techniques such as playing their favorite music, incorporating playtime breaks, and using props that encourage interaction can significantly enhance the photography experience.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I love working with young kids because they see the world differently and often express a lot more love and emotion than adults. Being able to capture that is both a fantastic photographic challenge and a profound learning experience. I have worked as a studio photographer for Shutterfly as well as doing freelance portrait photography. I have also done voluntary work taking photos for the Children's General Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

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