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Kieran Roberts


I am a passionate professional children's portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. Photography is not just my profession; it's my heartfelt pursuit. Drawing from my background as a professional actor, I possess a keen understanding of capturing the essence of a person in a portrait. Having been on the other side of the lens, I know the importance of guiding subjects, be they actors or models, to express themselves authentically, often through the eloquence of their eyes.

My focus lies in the enchanting world of children's photography, a distinctive form of art that unveils the unique narratives held within every child's gaze. For me, each photograph is a story waiting to be told, and the innocence and wonder in a child's eyes become the brushstrokes of these captivating tales. This journey allows me to explore the myriad emotions and stories encapsulated in each child's glance, making every photoshoot a delightful adventure.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I'm an unabashed enthusiast of children, proudly wearing the hat of a father to two incredible little daughters who serve as my daily wellsprings of inspiration. What began as a simple pastime—photographing my daughters from their early days to their current toddler phase—has blossomed into a heartfelt pursuit.

Working with kids brings me immense joy, thanks to their innate innocence, boundless joy, and open-hearted nature. Capturing the unrestrained spirit of these little ones through my lens and immortalizing it in timeless snapshots has become my passion. While photography, in itself, is deeply rewarding, the true magic lies in the fulfillment I find in collaborating with kids and their families. It's a journey filled with wonder and genuine connection, and I cherish every moment of it.

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