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Serena Cleveland

Sacramento, CA USA

Hi! I am Serena. I’m a mother to an amazing little boy, an artist , a photographer and lover of all things nature and adventure. I live in Sacramento California and have been working toward my bachelors degree in early childhood education thanks to my passion of working with children as a nanny for the last 8 years, following in my dads footsteps of becoming a teacher. My photography passions have always been strong, I now specialize in maternity, family and birth photography but also really enjoy portrait photography. I love to capture both indoor and outdoor photography depending on the vision of the photoshoot. Photography is a big part of my creativity.
I'm passionate about capturing moments that tell unique stories through my lens. My photography journey has been a fulfilling exploration of human connections and emotions. Portrait photography, for me, is a way to unveil the beauty and soul of each individual, creating timeless and meaningful images.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

Capturing the genuine joy and innocence on the faces of young kids in preschool settings is a true delight for me. With over 8 years of experience as a nanny, coupled with being a mother to a preschool-aged boy who is my personal muse, I've honed my skills in connecting with and photographing children. My background in early childhood education provides me with insights into their world, making each session a playful exploration of their personalities and expressions. I love photographing kids because it allows me to freeze moments of pure happiness and curiosity that parents can cherish forever.

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