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Sheila Robertson

Sacramento, CA USA

I am a portrait, fashion, family and lifestyle photographer from Sacramento CA. I’d like to say I am a very well rounded individual as I am open to shooting many different forms of art and creativity. From fashion shows, to brand shoots, elopements, and family shoots, over the past 6 years I have fallen in love with photography and the joy it brings to myself as well as my clients. I have truly had some of the best experiences, capturing the moment one snap a time with each and every client. I’ve serviced people all around Sacramento and parts of the Bay Area.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I find some of my most joyous moments when I am photographing children. The joy and excitement on a child’s face after I am able to show them theirselves on camera is so pure. The amount of questions and curiosity that comes from something so new to them always inspires me to keep going, in hopes that they one day they might want to pick up a camera themselves and change the world and the many lives around them in a creative self explanatory way.

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