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Chad Reed

San Antonio, TEXAS, USA

Please provide a couple of lines about you, your passion, your photography career and why you love doing portrait photography?

I am a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in San Antonio, Texas. My photography journey began with an insatiable curiosity for capturing the beauty of human connections, and it has since blossomed into a career filled with love and storytelling.

My focus lies in creating timeless portraits that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, couple, or family. Whether it's the laughter of a family, the warmth of an engagement, or the joy of a wedding day, I find immense joy in preserving those fleeting moments that define our lives.

As a photographer, a traveler, and an enthusiast of life's simple pleasures, I am dedicated to ensuring that every photoshoot is an experience to cherish. I believe in the power of photography to encapsulate the essence of love, laughter, and shared stories. It's an absolute honor for me to get to know you and your loved ones, and to help you capture those invaluable moments before they slip away, like whispers in the wind.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

Capturing the genuine smiles of young kids in preschool settings is a heartfelt passion.
As a father and grandfather, I've had the privilege of witnessing the unfiltered expressions and the candid laughter that naturally unfolds in their world.

Having spent time photographing kids in my social circle, I've learned to connect with them on a level that only a parent and grandparent can truly appreciate. I understand the intricacies of their personalities and the magic of their genuine joy.

It's this unique bond that allows me to capture those authentic smiles and precious moments. The way their eyes light up when they're truly being themselves is a treasure that I'm passionate about preserving. Photographing kids is not just about creating images; it's about encapsulating the essence of their pure happiness, and for me, it's an absolute joy.

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