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See Danielle Suit Up for Her Chic All Black Pre-Birthday Shoot! - dionte

Dionte Wingate

Silver Spring, MD, USA

My name is Dionte from prince George county MD, I took photography class in 10th grade. Feel in love with it since then. After I graduated from high school. I decided that I wanted photography/videography to be my full time job because I love it so much and wouldn’t want to do anything els!. I started my own photography/Videography business I been doing it since I graduated!. I love meeting know people and learning from them and them learning from me!. I am excited to be apart of the team and ready to work!

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I feel like you should have a picture of every good moment of your life. So you can look back on it. And see how far you came!. I have worked with kids in the past with helping them show and case there talent on the big screen (TV). Having a nice relationship with customers and good customer service really place a big part in this field!.

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