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Richard Silva

Land O Lakes, FL USA

"Hey there, I'm Ricky De Silva, your friendly neighborhood portrait photographer based right here in lively Tampa, Florida! When I'm not busy framing memories, you'll often find me savoring simple joys with my family, sharing laughs with our beloved pets, or discovering hidden gems within our vibrant city. My love for new experiences takes me far and wide, immersing myself in diverse cultures through travel, cuisine, and music – all of which adds a sprinkle of cinematic charm to my photography!

As a devoted father and husband, I've come to appreciate the beauty in life's fleeting moments and the profound connections they hold. My goal is to capture these precious snapshots in images bursting with warmth, positivity, and genuine emotion. I look forward to our journey together as we preserve memories that'll last a lifetime."

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

There's something truly magical about capturing the bright, smiling faces of our youth. It's a privilege to know you helped preserve memories that will be cherished by families for years to come. Children require the patience and care they deserve, ensuring each photo reflects the unique spark and energy they bring to every moment.

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