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Maiya Wright

New york city, NY, USA

I am a portrait, fashion and event photographer with a love for photographing the joy and liveliness of children! I am a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate with a minor in English. I have a passion for capturing valuable, in the moment photographs that will last lifetimes to come. The most precious moments in a kid’s life that they and you will treasure forever! I ensure to make every experience a joyous opportunity to express the love that children exude and having that be broadcasted in front and behind the creative lens.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I have a love for children and a overwhelming passion to capture their smiling faces through in action shots accompanied by their love for being in front of the camera. I wish to light that expanded match that is within a child’s heart that we all love so dearly and have that be showcased in your photographs. I am truly a kid at heart and can get the playful energy flowing out of all them because of my connectivity. I love photographing children because they have such a great energy and profound love for being alive as well as becoming and trying anything and everything. Let’s begin their next experience with the love of being in front of the camera!

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