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Angelina Rivera

Baltimore, MD USA

I am a lifestyle photographer based in the baltimore maryland area that specializes in family portraits, maturity photoshoots, engagement photoshoots, couple photoshoots, etc. i have been starting up my own business for the past year but have been in photography for the past 4 years. i also graduated video production class when i was in high school. i shoot with a sony a7 mark 4, and use adobe lightroom/photoshop for all of my photo edits.

i strive to make every session fun and easy for my clients. i love capturing all the moments for them because pictures hold unforgettable memories that u can keep forever. it brings joy to me seeing their reaction to the final results of the pictures and keeps me wanting more! i cannot wait to start my journey with this company and show others what i can do.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

i love the idea of capturing photos for kids because i have done it before and it is always a good time. i let the kids have fun with it and feel comfortable as the photoshoot goes on by telling jokes or letting them be their authentic selves to capture the real them. it is always a memorable time with the kids!

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