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Ikenna Agubokwu.jpeg

Ikenna Agubokwu

Upper Marlboro, MD USA

Portrait photography has always fascinated me because it's more than just capturing a likeness; it's about revealing the essence of a person in a single frame. Each portrait tells a unique story, and I love the challenge of capturing the emotions, personality, and humanity of my subjects through photography, even if it's metaphorical in my case!

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

As a photographer, my passion lies in capturing the genuine joy and innocence reflected in the smiling faces of young kids in preschool settings. With a knack for engaging with children, my experiences within my social circle have honed my ability to connect with them, creating an atmosphere where their natural smiles shine through. I love photographing kids because each click of the camera freezes a moment of pure happiness, creating cherished memories for families to treasure for a lifetime.

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