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Eddie Mota

New York City, NY, USA

I am a Visual artist from New York City with a passion for capturing the beauty of life. I specialize in Event, Editorial, Portraiture and Lifestyle Photography. I do in studio and outdoor shoots as well as I construct sets for my clients' when needed for their shoot. I am excited to work with students once again as I previously have been a youth mentor for Middle and High School students where I was able to teach and learn from them. 

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

Each little person is full of energy and have explosive personalities. I enjoy working with them because they remind me of me when I was younger and how easier and innocent life was then. I have a couple clients ranging from age 1 to 5 that I have taken photos of for atleast two of their birthdays. Each time I love it because I get to create the scene and then have a chance to play and talk to them about their favorite shows. This has worked with my God daughter who s sometimes is camera shy.

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