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Isaiah Hendricks

Columbus, OH USA

I am a photographer in Columbus, Ohio and I specialize in portraiture, fictional narrative, and fashion photography. I have done newborn photography, graduation ceremony photography, wedding photography and family photos as well. My goal with photography is to capture moments that may have otherwise been forgotten or unnoticed. With people those are the real smiles and fun faces made while they were just being themselves, no one watching.
I aim to make environments where children feel comfortable to be playful and have fun, so that they don't feel pressured at a picture day, and parents get to see their best smile. I have many nieces and nephews and I love seeing my siblings faces when they see a precious picture of their child. When working with mothers in hospitals to take pictures of their newborn, it was always such a beautiful thing to witness them get those first moments to keep as visual memories. I strive to do my best to make those pictures quality and special for each child and family.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I love to photograph kids because they are so free and joyful. I don't have many pictures of when I was a child and so I love to give those memories to others so they can have when they grow older, and to share with their children some day.

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