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Megan Ivery

Dayton, OH USA

As a mother of 7, getting children to smile is one of my specialties. As a photographer I can not help but snap so many photos of my own children. I love taking pictures of preschool age children because there is such a sweetness in their smile that lights up on entire room. Capturing them in their home away from home gives so much comfort to their families showing them how loved they are even when not with their family.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I have 7 children. They range in ages from 21, 11-2 years old. I am so comfortable communicating with preschool age kids and I know just what to say to make them feel safe and ready to shine. I have taken a a number of family portraits including birth and in home lifestyle sessions with kids of all ages. I know that working parents miss there little ones while they are at work and showing them their smiles while at preschool can bring them so much joy and peace!

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