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Victoria Wohlwend

Mogadore, OH USA

I am a photographer residing in Akron, Ohio and I specialize in portrait and nature photography. After graduating with a film degree, I found photography to be one of my most loved art forms. My favorite type of photos are candid moments. I am pursuing a photography career because I love capturing genuine moments of life. I perform various photoshoots that focus on the world around me and love finding unique moments to catch.

Every session should be full of smiles, and I pride myself on offering a comfortable environment where the client can relax and show their true self to the camera. I do not just want to take a picture, but create a memory and offer a new lens to view oneself through.

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

I've worked with children all my life, and over the past year began doing professional photography focused on adolescents. During this time, I noticed how much fun doing shoots is with such creative and exciting minds. They bring genuine smiles and lots of personality to the table, which allows the photographer to be creative with their photos.

As a child, school photoshoots always felt uncomfortable to me. The opportunity to show children it is their time to shine and create a memory they can look back on is extremely valuable to me.

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