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Marco Lopez

Harlingen, TX USA

Hi! I am a street and portrait photographer
based in Harlingen Texas! I'm am exited to be working with you and in the field I love so much! I have 3 years of experience taking photos with many different cameras and in many different settings! telling story's with my photos is my ultimat goal, and I hope to make your experience fun and as enjoyable as I can, not only as a photographer but as a friend!

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My passion for School Picture Day photography

Being the oldest brother of the family, I understand that the little ones grow up too fast. I've taken care of my little sisters since the age of 12 and I love and cherish every moment and memory I have of them when they were little. Furthermore, I've worked in a place where we all remember having fun as a child. Chick-fil-A was my open door to seeing how little things can make memories that last a life time.

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